so you wanna know about da book?
are you up for a story about being brave
one that contains shit sandwiches, stinky co workers, love, death, friendship and a kleptomaniacal  canine?
can you handle the use of the following words....
onions, chesticles, being lost, getting found,  forest, money, shit fuck fuckity fuck,  penis cake pops, vulnerability, ownership, douche bag, burrito baby, best mum undies, stripper heels, yeah nah, shituation, muuuuum, abuse, joy, freedom, happiness, awkward, suicide, breaking rules, redefining stuff, vagina tribe, gah, broke, superfuckinghot rockgodsquad types, dag, dinosaur humper, friend zone, mentos, failure, not a failure, loser, winner, surfboard, mermaid, vegas, couch, trailer park, placenta, change, hello, goodbye, brave, cat pawed doona, lady balls, tickets, kindness and possibly one c-bomb
if you scrolled to here, then this is the deal...
anyone on this list will get little weekly sneak peaks on the book progress until the launch.
Writing and sharing this story is a big scary thing for me to do.   
It might suck.  It might not.
(I'm hoping for the latter - kinda my approach to life)
If you want to find out with me, pop some deets in below
 Heck, I might even be able to swing a book launch tour to your city if all goes well

There is strength in vulnerability.... and if not, there is always a laugh or a lesson

wish me luck

love, Belle xx